Friday, 23 February 2018

My Top 5 Everyday Nude Polishes

Hi guys ! Happy Friday . How was your week ? Hopefully not too hectic . Mine has been very busy with juggling parenthood (and a kid with a million and one activities ) with work and blogging. But I survived - so a big yeah for that. 

Today I will be sharing my Top 5 Everyday Nude Nail Polishes with you guys. As you know I love a good nude nail polish - and they are usually my go to shade every week ( well at least until my good friend Siobhan convinced me to do the #52weeknailchallenge with her) . 

For the last few years I usually just went with nude nails and the occasional pink nails as my go to. I love how classic it looks and that it goes with everything. Most work environments require a more neutral look and nothing too over the top.  Do I think it might be a little boring and predictable ? Sure , perhaps if you like more bolder colours ... But these are my favourites that I recommend to anyone looking for a good nude polish staple in their collection. 

Essence el Nail Polish Dream On
This is a stunning polish Essence sent me last year December in a PR package - and they must have known my love for a good nude nail polish. This colour is more light yellow toned nude polish - but even though I prefer more white or beige toned nudes - this one has a great wear time and looks pretty awesome too. I wore it for the #52weeknailchallenge HERE . 
Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy in All or Nothing
I love the Revlon gel line polishes. With the special Revlon Gel Top coat I find these last extremely well and can easily throw whatever your weeks throws at you . I don't know if the darker colours in the range last as well - but I have two of the more nude / pink ones and they last forever. This is such a classic light milky pink that really compliments light skin tones (although I'm pretty this will look amazing on darker skin tones too ) 
Sally Hansen Gel Miracle Birthday Suit
As with the Revlon Gel Range I do love the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line. This line also has a special top coat - and although it takes a little longer to dry - it does help prolong the wear on these polishes. Again ... I have quite a few in the range and they do last amazingly well and the colour is such a classic everyday nude that goes with everything . To get opacity like in the swatch picture - I'd recommend 3 coats. 
OPI My Vampire is Buff
OPI My Vampire is Buff is a creamy yellow nude polish. While I don't really love of gravitate towards these kinds of nudes - I really love the look of this polish . Formula wise the polish is a little more sheer so about three coats are needed for opacity . 
piCture pOlish Beige
piCture pOlish Beige is a classic nude creme polish. Formula wise this polish is amazing and goes on like butter.This is one of my favourites as it lasts amazingly well and looks stunning. All downside they are extremely hard to find in South Africa - but if you can get your hands on any of these polishes they are amazing to own. 

What are some of your favourite nude nail polishes to wear ?

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

My Favourite Sunscreen Products

Hi guys. Happy Wednesday ! How has your week been so far ? 

Today I'm sharing some of my favourite sunscreen products with you . I wear sunscreen every day - come rain or shine and I let my son wear sunscreen on a daily basis too - so these are our favourite ones we are currently using. I believe sunscreen is such an important step in your daily routine - not only is sunburned skin super sore - it makes you age faster too . I believe sunscreen not only protects your skin - but is such an important step to keep you looking younger for longer. 

Justine Tissue Oil Skin Repair Face Cream SPF 20  (Normal Skin & Oily Skin versions)
I actually started using the smaller tube bottle of these on Alex a year or two ago as he was really struggling with dry skin and I wanted to get a good cream to hydrate his face and give sunscreen benefits. Now it's all that he uses This face cream is absorbed into the skin easily and helps moisture soften and protect against sun damage and premature ageing . I'm currently using the all skin types version on Alex - but they have this amazing cream in a Oily Skin version too - which I'm keen to try out once I finish the Justine Oil Control Moisturiser with SPF30 . 

Justine Oil Control Daily Moisturiser SPF 30
I've done a full review on the Oil Control range HERE . This is my favourite moisturiser at this stage - it hydrated your skin yet keeps it matte and sun protected and doesn't make you look like an oily mess at the end of the day. I can see myself repurchasing this one again and again - as this is the perfect summer moisturiser for me . 
Tissue Oil SPF 25
I'm already a huge fan of the Justine tissue oil range - and I like that they added a tissue oil with SPF . This tissue oil formula has a unique blend of UV filters , sweet almond oil and corn germ oil , Castor oil , wheatgerm oil and Vitamin E to nourish your face and body while providing added sun protection. I love using this on my shoulders and body during weekends if I know we will be spending lots of time at the pool . This helps keep my skin nourished and sun protected - which I love. 

Justine SolarTec Mattifying Defence for Face SPF 50
When I reviewed the Oil Control range I did mention I was using it with a Justine sunscreen. This is such a gem sunscreen. It offers a very high sun protection (SPF 50 ) yet keeps your skin mattified . I love using this sunscreen over the Oil Control moisturiser on days that I know I will be spending a lot of time in the sun (after school Tennis practise for the kiddo , spending time at the pool or braai with family and friends ) as this is one of the few sunscreens that keeps you mattified throughout the day. 
Justine SolarTec Lip Shield SPF 25 and Almay Age Essentials Lip Treatment SPF 30
Both of these are amazing lipbalms with sun protection. I've mentioned about a million times I've got extremely sensitive lips - and if I spend too much time in the sun the will get red and sunburned . I use these lipbalms when I'm out and about (driving in the car ... sitting at Alex's sport events  and tennis practise ... before I go out to the pool ... ) basically anytime I know I will be outdoors mostly. I really feel they both help amazingly well to keep my lips normal and hydrated (and not red and sunburned ) . I prefer the Justine one to keep in my handbag / work bag ( I have one for each bag) and the Almay one for when I'm at home and go swimming . 

These are all my current sunscreen favourites ? What's your current go to sunscreen ??

Some of the products were sent for review . All opinions are my own 

Monday, 19 February 2018

REN Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum

Hi guys . Happy Monday ? How was your weekend ??

Last week REN launched a new Ultimate Skin Perfecting Serum - I was lucky enough to receive this in PR in January - so I could test it out properly before doing a review .

REN describes this product the perfect silicone free serum to use after moisturiser. This helps to ensure skin is smoothed, lifted and naturally filled , resulting in a matte finish to create the perfect canvas for make-up. 

Perfect Canvas Skin Perfecting Serum is formulated with probiotics extract that positively influences the speed and quality of the epidermal growth, boosting the production of essential proteins and enzymes which improves the barrier function and cell cohesion , promoting overall skin health and structure. 

Hyluronans that covert the HA in the skin, increase skin hydration , elasticity and and the reduction of wrinkle depht while Agave tequilana extract provides an instant filling effect and mattifies without the use of silicone. Lastly the a-Glucans re balances the homeostasis of the skin by promoting the growth of skin friendly bacteria , optimising skin health. 

All these result in a mattified finish - the skin's moisture balance is restored , the skin's natural appearance is enhanced and skin is ready and prepped for make up. 

You simply apply two / three drops on your fingers and apply after moisturiser until fully absorbed. 

So my personal thoughts :
A little goes a long way - I personally find two drops more than enough to use after my moisturiser. The product does absorb into the skin pretty quickly .I have been using this instead of a primer for the last few weeks and I did find I didn't need to use a primer - my make-up stayed on and looking flawless throughout the day. My skin really benefits from the extra boost of hydration - because even though in summer my skin tends to be more on the oily side - my skin still gets dehydrated pretty quickly in this hot weather. I have used this with a BB Cream as well as a foundation I hated but wanted to finish up on my off days - and let me tell you it even helped to make that foundation look flawless . I won't say this will completely mattify your skin - on hot days you will still get a little oily - but it does a pretty good job to mattify your skin without it feeling tight and dry - which for me is a huge bonus. I'm also very impressed that it is silicone free as most primers these days tend to be silicone based - so my skin was very happy about that too. I love how this "primer" has so many good skincare benefits - which makes this such a great contender - who doesn't love a product that combines skincare with make-up benefits ??

This product is for all skin types and retails for R995 for 30 ml. Which seems a little pricey but a little goes a long way and it's basically skincare ingredients and priming ingredients - so you get the best of both worlds. 

It's available at selected Woolworths stores as well as REN online .

How was your weekend ? Do you also love multi benefit products for your skin ??

Although product was sent for review all opinions are my own 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

My 6 Favourite Pink Face Products

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday . And Happy Valentine's day to those celebrating. If you don't - then happy Wednesday. 

Today I'm bringing you the last instalment of my 6 Favourite Pink Face products. These are all products I love and reach for on a almost daily basis . So let's jump into the products .

Glamore Cosmetics Bevel Make-Up Sponge
These Glamore Cosmetics Bevel sponges are the best make-up application tool ever. I don't own a Beauty Blender - and after trying these sponges I'm sure I'll never try another one. This is so soft and squishy and blends your foundation like a dream. And it's pretty affordable too ! 
Hean Face Contour Mix
I'm sure it's pretty obvious that the blushes in this palette are loved. I love the rosy golden tone of the top blush ( on which I've clearly hit pan on) and can't recommend it enough . The darker matte pink blush is gorgeous too ( I have some swatches after the next blush ). This blush lasts almost all day on my skin and looks so natural yet stunning. It blends very easily too. Even though the shade I hit pan on looks sparkly in the pan it doesn't leave a glitter mess on your skin. 
Almay Smart Shade Powder Blush in Pink / Rose
First off how cute is the design ? This is another favourite blush for more natural days where I just pop on some BB-Cream and mascara. It mixes to a soft pink which I love and looks amazing on my skin tone. 
Swatches of Blushes :
From left to right :
Almay Smart Shade Powder Blush in Pink / Rose
Hean Palette Sparkly Blush ( The one I hit pan on )
Hean Palette Matte Pink Blush
Essence Colour Correcting Liquid Concealer in Wake Me Up
This is a lovely pink toned concealer . I prefer to use this over foundation under my eyes to brighten up the under eye area and look more awake. I love how it instantly brightens up my complexion and blends very easily . This is my secret weapon on those mornings where I REALLY REALLY struggle to feel awake even after coffee. 
Essence My Must Haves Eyeshadows in Raspberry Frosting & Cotton Candy
These are two of my favourite Essence My Must Have single eyeshadows. I love mixing them in with some of my more neutral shades for a pop of colour. Raspberry Frosting makes an amazing blush too. Cotton Candy gives the most gorgeous inner corner highlight to make you look fresh and ready to tackle the day . I've included some swatches of them too. 
Swatches of the Essence My Must Haves Single Eyeshadows:
From left to right :
Essence Raspberry Frosting
Essence Cotton Candy

And that's a wrap on my Valentine's Day content - thanks for reading and perhaps finding a new suggestion or two to add to your Wish list.

If you missed the two other posts in the series - take a look here :
Top 6 Pink Lippies
Top 6 Pink Polishes

Do you have some fun plans for tonight ??

Monday, 12 February 2018

Top 6 Picks for Pink Lippies for Valentines Day

Hi guys. Happy Monday. How was your weekend ? I'm finally feeling more human after being super sick last week . How was your weekend ?

Today I'm sharing part 2 of my three part mini series on the blog on my favourite pink products. Today's post is all about the pink lippies I reach for the most and all are perfect choices for a pink lip for Valentines day. Now if you are single or not celebrating - these make awesome everyday pink lippies options too. 

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer in Blushing
I did a full review HERE but this is  one of my favourite ones. These are like a melted down lipstick - the colour is gorgeous and opaque and the formula is super hydrating and nice and buttery . The formula also has a built- in primer to smooth the lip surface.  The best part yet again - it's super moisturising and the colour looks amazing on everyone . 

Revlon Kiss Balm in Fresh Strawberry 
This is technically more a lip-balm as a lipstick - but it leaves the most gorgeous tint on your lips. I love that this smells like yummy strawberries (who wouldn't like to have lips smelling like strawberries ? ) and it's super hydrating on the lips. Another great bonus - This has a SPF 20 in the balm too - so not only does it offer amazing hydration - it offers sun-protection for your lips too. 
Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor in HD Pink Cloud
I must admit - my favourite part of this lippy is that it smells like a Vanilla Cupcake. The lipstick overs a light wash of colour but yet again is super hydrating and moisturising . I love how easy to apply this colour is - it really is a pop in your bag and apply anywhere lipstick. Did I mention it smells like a cupcake ??? 

Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer HD Tourmaline
I really really love this bright Barbie pink lip-gloss. The colour is really rich and pigmented and it applies so smoothly. The gloss is and doesn't feel thick or gooey on the lips. 
Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte in Pinking About You
I've done a full review on the range HERE but this is such a stunning matte lip option. I love how this colour looks and feels on the lip. It's not one of those matte lippies that suck the life out of your lips - and the colour is pretty long-lasting too. 

Hean Matte Liquid Lipstick in Silky Rouge
This is another gorgeous matte formula. I really love the whole Hean range from GlamoreCosmetics . I have extremely sensitive lips - and their lip elixir and lip scrub is such a life saver. This lipcolor from Hean is long wearing , formulated with Vitamin E and beeswax and for a matte lippy it's extremely comfortable to wear. I can easily wear this colour a few days in a row without my lips feeling like the Sahara Desert. Again - if you have sensitive lips - these lippies are AMAZING !

Swatches of all the lippies in the order they are mentioned : 
Avon Mark Blushing
Revlon Balmy Kiss Strawberry Kiss
Revlon Pink Cloud
Revlon Tourmaline
Avon I'm Pinking About You
Hean Silky Rouge

What's YOUR favourite pink lipcolor to wear ?? 

* Some of the products were sent for review - opinions are all my own *

Thursday, 8 February 2018

My Top 6 Pink Polishes for Valentines day

Hi guys. Happy Thursday. Sorry for the silence on the blog - last week was crazy busy with my little guy's 8th birthday and I am off sick this week - but hopefully I'll be feeling better soon and posting more. 

Today I will be sharing some o/f my favourite pink nail colours for Valentines day . I love wearing pink nail polishes in general - and especially in the month of L-O-V-E I try and wear as much pinks as possible. Today I will be sharing 6 awesome choices (although one is a glitter with more than just pink glitter in - but it's such an awesome option too ) 

Next week I will be sharing some of my favourite pink products with you guys too - so keep an eye out for that post on Monday .

Avon BB 7-1 Nail Colour in Perfect Pink
I already did a full review HERE but this is such a perfect soft pink for a date night - it's perfection in my books. This colour covers imperfections and smoothes ridges - and cares for your nails - so it doesn't just look pretty this polish is such a multi tasker. 
CATRICE ICONails Gel Lacquer in Donut Worry Be Happy 
If you follow me on Instagram - you know I wear this colour a lot. And I mean a lot. If it wasn't for the #52weeknailchallenge I was doing I'm pretty sure I would and could wear this colour for a whole year and be 100% happy. This colour lasts amazingly well and again - is the most beautiful soft milky pink . 
Essie Chasity
This is another classic pink colour that you can never go wrong with . This is a more pink toned version of the CATRICE polish - and while it's brighter it still offers a soft look for a date night at the movies or a quick dinner. 
Avon Nailwear pro+ Viva Pink
This is another favourite - the Avon  polish offers such a gorgeous pop of colour without being overwhelming. I love how long these polishes lasts on me - and this colour will look amazing on darker skin tones or on someone with a tan. 
Essence I LOVE TRENDS hohoho my love
This polish was included in my Essence Advent Calendar last year - and it's such a bright fuchsia happy pink colour. While this looks amazing on light skin tones as well - this is another stunning option on darker skin tones . 
Sorbet Glam Effect How About a Razzle?
While this polish does tend to look more purple-ish - it does contain a lot of pink and bright pink glitters - along with some silver and purple glitters. This glitter is quite dense and opaque - and I used two coats for the swatch here. This makes a lovely glitter topper with one coat but if you need or want full out glam this polish offers it. This is such a fun colour that doesn't chip super quickly like most glitters do tend to do sometimes.  This is such an fun option for a girls night if your single - or to have an impressive mani for date night. 

These are my top picks for Valentines day .... what colour will you be wearing for the day of love ? Any special plans with someone ??

Monday, 29 January 2018

Labello Vanilla Buttercream

Hi guys. Happy Monday. Did you have a nice weekend ?? Mine was pretty busy as I am prepping for my kiddo's 8th birthday this week. 

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to receive the Labello Vanilla Buttercream lip-balm from Rubybox to review for you guys. If you know me you know I love vanilla products - it's my all time favourite scent in the world - so I was really excited to try it.

I prefer lip-balm daily with a lipgloss instead of lipstick as I do suffer from extremely sensitive lips. Labello has an extra care formulation with Shea Butter and natural oils - and this particular variety has the most amazing vanilla aroma. 

This lip-balm immediately cares for your lips to leave them deeply moisturised and smooth . I prefer a thicker balm to use daily instead of one that absorbs within seconds - so I love that this lip-balm doesn't disappear from your lips within seconds. 

Skin compatibility dermatologist approved. These lip-balms retails for R24,99 from Dischem , Clicks and most leading retailers.

How was YOUR weekend ??

*Although this product was sent for review opinions are all my own*

Monday, 22 January 2018

What's in My Work Make-Up Bag ??

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ??

Since everyone is now back at work I thought I'd share what's inside the little make-up bag I take to work . I really don't take much as I apply my make-up early in the morning before taking Alex to school and going to work . I really carry the bare minimum as I trust the products I use on a daily basis to keep me looking great with little touch ups or a quick freshen up.

So let's jump into my bag -

Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation in Shell 
 bought this on the Milani website when they were running a combo deal (which is still available HERE ) . I love how this is such an easy convenient product as it includes a mirror and a pretty decent powder puff to apply at the bottom. I use a Gosh Travel brush I got as a gift with purchase a few years back to lightly dust on some powder on areas that might have gotten a little bit greasy during the day before I pick up Alex at school in my lunch break. I love how this powder doesn't seem to get cakey but gives a flawless finish . 

Leopard Print Mirror and Essence Cosmetic Bag
The little Mirror I picked up at Dischem for R12 - which was such a bargain and they have quite a few design choices available. I mentioned the Essence Make-Up bag in a post in 2016 HERE and it still looks perfect and can hold the few goodies I like to have with me at work. 
I have three lipstick choices in my bag at all times. I don't apply a liquid lipstick often , and I'm usually at work super early with a coffee in hand - so I will pick which product I use at work on most days. Non of these last extremely long - but they are all extremely hydrating which is great as my lips tend to dry from the millions of fans at work. The three colours in my bag is Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine in Mauve Over (which I reviewed HERE , Hean UltiMatte lip gloss in Milky Rose - which is such a flattering Rosy colour and extremely hydrating ( I got mine from GlamoreCosmetics ) and Milani Colour Statement Lipstick in Dulce Caramelo. This is such a gorgeous nude colour with an almost metallic finish which I love - the lipstick is such a flattering colour. 

Small Nivea antiperspirant Invisible Black & White in Fresh Mint and Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitiser in Merry Berry Kiss
These two might seem like odd choices but I prefer to be smelling fresh and clean at work. Although I don't touch up on antiperspirant during work - with the last two weeks being so extremely hot in Johannesburg I do like to quickly freshen up before popping out. Nothing worse then someone smelling bad hey ? I'm obsessed with hand sanitisers - so I always use this a few times during the day - I prefer to only use hand creams once I get home after work and when popping in to drop Alex off after school. My aunt went on a trip to America over December and bought me back a bag full of these hand sanitisers - so I'm really happy to use them . 

These are my products I have with me at work at all times - what's your can't live without products at work ? Mine does include a big mug of coffee too . Yum !