Friday, 13 October 2017

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go! Blonder Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hi guys. Happy Friday. How has your week been ? Mine has been crazy busy but pretty good.

A little while back I got sent the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go! Blonder range from Rubybox to test out.  As I mentioned a million times here on the blog - I am going lighter this year - so I was excited to test out the John Frieda range.

This shampoo contains citrus and chamomile to gently reduce colour pigment in the hair so that blonde hair is gradually lightened for a sun-kissed look. It contains no ammonia or peroxide, but rather uses a natural lightening complex. This product is suitable for all shades of blonde and can be used with the matching conditioner and the lightening spray to achieve the best affect. The product is packaged in a tube, with a flip-top cap and has a yellow tint to indicate that it is part of the blondes range.

Now I do wash my hair almost daily (apart from the one or two dry shampoo days when I really overslept or Sundays ) . So for the last three/almost 4 weeks I have been using this range exclusively on my hair. (I do use the John Frieda Sheer Blonde High Impact Restoring Oil Elixir too ) I love that the smell isn't too strong as I hate extremely strong overpowering scents on my hair. The conditioner is light weight yet doesn't weigh the hair down. I love how the shampoo does make my hair look smoother and I do have less frizz and fly away hairs too (something that I always have ). 

Now the results won't be instant - but with continuous use I did find my hair looked better. I do have to use a toning shampoo once a week (but I skipped it for the test - and while I know I tone would have made my hair even blonder - I was pretty happy with the results as my hair does go brassy pretty quickly. )
This specific range retails for around R115,95 on Clicks - but keep an eye out for when they have their 3-2 specials . 

Have you tried John Frieda products before ?

 These products were sent for review by Rubybox - opinions are all my own

Monday, 9 October 2017

REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? I took a little blogging break last week as I had the week of and Alex was on school holiday - so I decided to spend time with family and friends .

Today I'm sharing an awesome new mask from REN with you guys - when I got sent the mask earlier in September it came at the perfect time. The mask promises #skinzeninten - and I was keen to try out the claims.  With the season change and me adding a chemical defoliator to my skincare routine once a week , my skin was a little dry and sensitive. Thrown into the mix the daily day to day stress and not drinking enough water - my skin was dehydrated and over sensitive. 

The REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask is specially developed with REN exclusive complex of original ingredients to combat over sensitivity , this rescue mask will calm , soothe and moisturise helping to instantly alleviate the key signs of sensitive skin. It will increase the skin ability to cope with stress , aid recovery and strengthen the protective moisture barrier - leading to the well being of your skin. 

Some of the symptoms of skin sensitivity is redness , irritation , itchiness , dryness and just overall lack luster skin. 

The mask has an amazing Roman Chamomile scent , which brings an overall calmness for body and mind. The mask also contains White Mushroom Extract that de-stresses the skin by blocking irritation and "pain" messages to the brain for an instant feeling of comfort. 

The mask comes in a pump ( which I love as it's super hygienic ) and is pretty easy to use. You can apply the mask up to three times a week or anytime your skin needs an urgent rescue. I apply a generous amount onto my skin , and leave on for about 10 minutes and remove with a washcloth. The mask leaves your skin smooth and cared for. 

It's available from tomorrow at selected Woolworths stores as well as REN online and retails for R620 for 50ml. 

How was YOUR weekend ? 

* This product was sent for review - opinions are all my own *

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

{Review} Revlon Youth FX

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday ? How was your Heritage day and long weekend if you had one? I still worked on Saturday and I usually have Monday's off - but I enjoyed the little bit of extra time with the kiddo. 

A little while back Revlon send me a cute Press Pack with the new Revlon Youth FX line of products. The range includes a forehead primer , foundation , concealer and face and neck primer. 

"Revlon Youth FX range of anti-ageing products that dramatically transform the look of lines and wrinkles. Developed with filling and blurring technology, all four products in the range contain a unique combination of soft focus powders that scatter light, blurring imperfections, while micro-spheres fill in wrinkles, making them less visible. Each product works in unison with the others, to ensure you look your very youthful best."

I'm 31 , and I love focusing on Anti Ageing products now. I was really excited I was sent the range to try as I love Revlon products - and let's be real any product that claims to make wrinkles and lines look less visible is always a bonus. 

Revlon Youth FX Fill and Blur Primer for Forehead R199
Okay ... I will start of with the product I didn't like. This primer is designed to target forehead lines and wrinkles. I don't have to many issues there .. but I felt it was an extra step and product for me personally. The primer has a very liquid-y consistency and dries quickly. I just wasn't blown away by it.
Revlon Youth FX Fill and Blur Primer for Neck R199
Now while I wasn't too impressed with the primer specifically for the forehead - I love the face and neck primer. This is a thick primer - but I love how smooth and blurred my skin look. I love how this primer isn't loaded with silicone and how easy the applicator is very user friendly. One pump is enough to cover my whole face. Personally - this is such a stand out product for me and I will recommend this to anyone looking for a great primer .
Revlon Youth FX Fill and Blur Concealer R199
This is a very nice hydrating and creamy concealer. This concealer comes with a click pen packaging and has a soft cushion tip. I do prefer using a beauty sponge to blend out the concealer. Personally I don't have any dark circles at this stage (thank goodness !! ) but I prefer to use concealer for a more awake look after applying foundation. 
Revlon Youth FX Fill and Blur Foundation in Natural Beige SPF20 R349
I've mentioned quite a few times , since I'm getting older and introduced Retinol products into my routine - I do notice my skin is a lot drier now than it was a year or two ago - which might be why I LOVE this foundation for everyday wear. This is a high coverage ( Personally I would say more of a medium coverage ) foundation with an SPF - something I prefer for everyday wear . This foundation wears well without getting cakey and settling into fine lines. The foundation also didn't oxidize on me (a problem I have with quite a few foundations lately ) . The foundation is also lightweight and won't feel heavy at all during the day. All downside - it's a pricier foundation from the Drugstore. It's always good to look out for specials if it's a bit too pricey for your liking - and those Clicks and Dischem points always can come in handy too. ;)

Honestly - the stand out winners from the range is definitely the foundation and primer - well worth looking into if you are on the market for some awesome new foundations or primers. 

*All products were sent for review - opinions are all my own*

Friday, 22 September 2017

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Mattes

Hi guys. Happy Friday. How has YOUR week been ?? Mine has been pretty crazy busy - but I'm sure next week everything will be back to normal again. 

Today I'm sharing a highly anticipated  post with you guys - I got so many requests on Instagram to show off these lippies with swatches as quickly as possible. So without let's jump right into the swatches and a little more about the formula. Avon send me four of the shades to try out but I bought two more to share with you guys. 

These lippies smells amazing. They have a faint fruity scent - which I love. The formula is nice and mouse and applies easily.  I love how the applicator is nice and pointed making doing your cupid's bow super easy. The formula is nice and matte but doesn't dry out your lips - it leaves your lips pretty comfortable. These lippies does transfer a teeny tiny bit - so you will notice it leaving marks on your coffee cup during the day. It won't survive a greasy lunch though- then again I didn't expect it to . Then it can go the whole day. I don't mind popping it into my handbag and just touching up before I fetch my son from school. 

So onto some swatches for you guys - 

The colours from left to right :

  • Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Irresistible
  • Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Man Eater
  • Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Fabulostity
  • Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Dare To Bare
  • Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Pinking About You
  • Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Whipped Latte

Now onto some lip swatches for you guys -

Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Whipped Latte This will be no secret - I LOVE a good nude and this one is fantastic. This is a more beige toned nude . This is a very light nude - which I love but keep that in mind that there is a darker nude if you don't like this one. 
Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Pinking About You Again - no secret here. This is a Lynette colour and I absolutely adore this shade. This colour is hands down my favourite one to wear daily. 

Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Dare To Bare
This is a darker nude - so if your skin tone is darker than mine you might prefer this one more. It's a gorgeous brown toned nude and perfect for everyday wear. 
Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Fabulosity
Man how I love purple lipstick. Personally it looks horrible on my skin tone - but I love looking at purple coloured lip products. I did find this colour to be a little bit trickier to work with - you might need a second coat for this colour. If you can pull of purples - I will recommend this beauty. 

Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Man Eater
This berry toned lippy is gorgeous. Formula wise this is super easy to work of and not at all streaky or patchy. I don't like berry toned lips on me personally - but man oh man I can see my mom would love this colour all year round. 
Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer in Irresistible
I think this is a more of a darker coral / orangey red. This is such a gorgeous colour and I got a few compliments wearing this shade even though it was out of my comfort zone. I can see this colour being perfect for a date night or if you prefer a gorgeous summer red . 

Again , these are some of the best matte lippies on the marker - and they are pretty affordable too. These are on special in September and October for R84,90 each - which makes them pretty affordable to try out. The range consists of 12 beautiful pigmented colours. 

Have you tried these lippies yet ? 

What lippy colour is your can't live without shade ? Mine is hands down a good nude or a milky light pink .

* 4 of these lippies were sent for review. All thoughts are my own *

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Glamore Insanely Romantic Eyeshadow Palette

Hi guys. Happy Wednesday. How has your week been so far ? Mine has been incredibly busy at work- I'm pretty sure this time of year everyone feels like that. 

Last week Monday Glamore Cosmetics launched a new eye shadow palette - Insanely Romantic Eyeshadow Palette . This 8 piece eye shadow palette consists of 5 pigmented metallic shimmers including some Plum shades ,a Green and Champagne colour , 1 semi metallic vanilla shade as well as 2 ultra smooth matte shades in Grape and Peach. 

As with all the Glamore Cosmetics products - all the products are hypo-allergenic and cruelty free.

It's no secret that I'm more of a nudes girl - but those plum shades in the palette did tempt me to pick it up to try. 

So onto some swatches of this palette.Overall all the colours swatches nicely and the shades blends like a dream - they are soft and very easy to use.

The first row of eyeshadows

I personally feel these are all colours out of my comfort zone - BUT I can't wait to create an eye look with these colours. That matte grape shade is GORGEOUS ! The peach shade is such a gorgeous transition shade and the champagne will make a gorgeous inner corner highlight. The pink / plummy metallic shade is really stunning - I can't wait to try it on my eyes.
The second row of eyeshadows

The first three colours are all stunning and I can see myself using them a ton . I do love the metallic shades here ... They are breathtakingly beautiful. I love how the vanilla shade can be used to highlight the brow-bone or for a subtle inner corner highlight. The green is a little out of my comfort zone - but I am convinced it will look stunning with the plums and purples in the palette. 

Overall , I am very impressed with the quality of this palette - as well as the amazing service from Gael and the Team at Glamore Cosmetics

They have another newly released palette Glitter Show 12 piece Eye Shadow Palette that's just as stunning and beautiful - It makes me wish I could be an unicorn and wear glitter eye shadows everyday . 

I will be sharing a fun date night look on the blog soon featuring some products from Glamore Cosmetics - so keep an eye out for that post too.

How has YOUR week been so far ??

Monday, 18 September 2017

Summer Ready feet with Avon Footworks

Hi guys . How has your weekend been ?? I took a mini blogging break last week as I was super busy at work . I loved the rain we had in Johannesburg last night - How I love rain and a good thunderstorm. 

Today I am sharing some of my favourite products that I'm currently using to get my feet in tip top shape and sandal ready for summer ( I say summer as here in Johannesburg we seem to have skipped spring and jump straight into summer ) .

I ordered some new  goodies from the Avon Footwork range (that smells like coconuts ! Yum ! ) and then I got send the new Avon Footcare Electric Rolling Pedi Tool as PR and decided to start testing it out directly. Because let's be real - when the weather warms up you want your feet in sandals and no one wants ugly crusty feet then . 

Avon Electric Rolling Pedi Tool  R279

This is a unique way to conveniently smooth and pamper your feet at home. The Electric Rolling Pedi Tool comes with two different intensity levels and a brush to dust away any dead skin. The rollers are infused with Micro-Crystal Technology  for instantly smooth smooth results as it buffs away hard skin in seconds. I am currently using the normal rolling head - and I can tell you it really works wonders . 
Avon Footworks Exotic Paradise Range (All three for R99 )

I love the Avon Footwork range - and when I saw a new limited edition scent in the catalogue I knew I had to try it. The trio includes a Scrub to exfoliate your feet, a Cooling Spray to Refresh your feet and a Lotion for instant hydration. The range is enriched with coconut and naturally derived sea based plant extract to leave your feet refreshed and comforted. The range smells like a tropical island in a bottle. 

I love the foot soak as a weekly treat before I do my pedi at home. I love the Cooling Foot Spray after a long day as a treat or after a work out to refresh my feet before I go on with the rest of the day. The lotion is perfect for night time to make sure your feet stay soft and smooth through summer / or spring since I'm technically jumping the gun here. 

I love how easy this range and new additions makes a at home pedi and helps you look after your feet.

What are some of your secrets for soft smooth feet ?

* The Avon Footworks Electric Rolling Tool was sent for review - all opinions are my own*

Friday, 8 September 2017

New On My Beauty Desk - September Edition

Hi guys. Happy Friday. How was your week ?

Today I'm sharing all the new products I will be trying out in September. 

OGX Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner
While I love Purple shampoos - I try to not use them more than once / twice a week. I ran out of my favourite "Everyday" shampoo and wanted to try something new. I have used it once or twice , so it's still to early to say if I love it or not. I got these on sale at Dischem - so that was one of the main reasons I decided to try it. This shampoo and conditionerclaims to quench dry stiff hair and make it super soft and shiny. Will report back as I do highlight my hair now and that does dry it out quite a bit.

Avon True Colour Foundation , Nail Polish and Avon Mark Liquid Lipsticks
I got some PR goodies from Avon , that I will be testing out and doing a review or two on the blog. I will definitely be doing a swatch post for the lippies with arm swatches as well as lip swatches and a full review on the foundation too.
Skin Strategy Anti-Ageing Face Masks
I'm a huge fan of these sheet masks, and while I love the Soothing and Calming one in the range , the Dischem I popped into didn't have stock of them , so I decided to opt for these instead. I have tried them before , and they are really good quality sheet masks that are pretty affordable. I love putting on a sheet mask after a rough day , watching CSI and just chilling.
Hean Ulti-Mate Lipgloss in Milky Rose and Unicorn Bag
I recently fell in love with GlamoreCosmetics - and I really feel their lip products really work for me. I got two liquid lippies and decided to give the gloss a go. I love the gloss so much. It keeps your lips so hydrated without being to sticky and the colour is super gorgeous. The Unicorn bag was to cute to pass on - I will definitely be using it when I travel to pop in my everyday essentials.
Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation and Milani Colour Statement Lipstick in Dulce Caramelo
Milani South Africa had a sale on the combo - and I decided to give them a try. My normal powder I have in my work make-up bag was getting broken and I needed a new one. I know this is technically a powder foundation - but I read a few reviews that the coverage is very good so it was perfect for my work bag to touch up during the day. The mirror in the compact is also pretty awesome and the sponge pretty decent. The lippy is also gorgeous and perfect nude to pop into my work make-up bag for a touch of colour. The colour has a gorgeous almost glitter sheen to it - so far I'm really loving it. And it smells like watermelon - best summer scent ever. 

I will be doing a few full reviews on some of these products - if I mentioned anything you would like a review on feel free to suggest it in the comments.

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend ??